What our Customers Say

“The O’Rourke team were a pleasure to deal with.  The sales team and after sales customer care team were so professional.  A special thanks must go to the installation team.  A lovely bunch of lads who arrived bright and early as stated, did a great installation and left the place as clean as the found it.  Very professional.  I have already recommended this product to family and friends and those who have decided to get it love it as much as I do.”



“I got the Elm Stove installed in September 2013. The heat from the stove is amazing compared to an open fire. It’s unbelievably efficient from just a small amount of fuel. Easy to clean and turnaround for re-use next day, 2 minutes to clean and reset fire.

No issues with blackening glass. Looks great and so inviting when lit that everybody naturally gravitates to that room. Because the Elm is so great and efficient, I eventually got rid of my second open fire in the house in March 2017 and got another Elm stove installed. Best decision ever made.”

“Absolutely delighted with my Holly stove and Clarke surround and still have to wait 48hrs to light it!! The service provided from O’Rourkes is amazing from beginning to end! The assistance picking the right stove for the room, the house call to ensure everything is in order and the guys that do the actual fitting were all fantastic, clean, tidy, like they were never even in the house! Thanks for everything.”




“I got the Elm stove fitted recently; the best thing I did. The heat is unreal and I have to say the lads that work for O’Rourke’s are the best I ever come across – from contact in shop with Dermot to the lads that installed it. Very high standard. Very impressed with their work.”

“We got our back boiler Falcon stove retrofitted last year. It was the best money we have ever invested in our house and the O’Rourkes were so professional. They organised it all from start to finish. Gave us a price upfront and it was all done in 3 days. All that was left to do when they left was a small bit of painting.”

“I got the Holly II installed yesterday. Brilliant job, very professional and excellent service. Defo recommend this company and very efficient and friendly staff.”


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